2018 Hemp News

Converse farmer embracing role as hemp pioneer
June 15, 2018
“I’m a sixth-generation commodity crop farmer,” said Mark Boyer, who has lived in the Converse farmlands his entire life. “We still farm two separate tracts that my ancestors settled about 1840, right here, and we’re still here farming those same tracts. That’s something that we’re very proud of.” But Boyer also represents a break in tradition. First, he diversified his 350-acre farm by processing oil. Now, he is the first non-university player in Indiana hemp research.
In Indiana, ‘Panic’ Over Raids Led to Boom in CBD Sales, Legalization
May 31, 2018
Jessica Scott is executive director of the Indiana Hemp Industries Association (HIA). She said she’s not aware of any concerns in meeting the July 1, 2018 deadline.“The industry will adjust” to the new requirements, Miller said. “There may be efforts in the next legislature to provide clarification or simplification, but everybody I’ve talked to is going to be able to comply with those added regulations.”
Indiana hemp production will be studied
May 17, 2018
 Indiana lawmakers will consider the legalization of hemp.
“I’m optimistic that the industrial hemp will get passed in Indiana in 2019,” said Greg Baumbaugh, CEO of FlexForm Technologies in Elkhart.
Is Indiana ready for industrial hemp?
May 22, 2018
“Our goal is to reunite the hemp industry in the Midwest once again,” said Justin Swanson, president of the council and vice president of Bose Public Affairs Group.
Effort to allow Hoosier farmers to grow industrial hemp stalls after governor intervenes
March 2, 2018
"The governor is not opposed to the idea of industrial hemp in Indiana," said Stephanie Wilson, spokeswoman for Holcomb. "But, he thinks if we do it, we need to make sure we do it right. That's why a summer study committee is the best decision."
Many state lawmakers think Gov. Holcomb is wrong on industrial hemp – and they might be right
March 9, 2018
In late January, the House of Representative voted 90-0 to approve House Bill 1137, which would make it lawful to grow and process industrial hemp in Indiana and to manufacture products derived from industrial hemp.
State Senate pushes bill that would allow farmers to grow hemp
March 8, 2018
Members of the Indiana Hemp Industries Association (INHIA) are nearing in on one of their big goals for this year’s legislative session: legalizing CBD oil that is manufactured utilizing industrial hemp. Senate Bill 52 and House Bill 1214 both could make that goal a reality, and it appears a House-Senate conference committee may work out differences between the bills before sending them to the governor’s desk. If passed, it could be legal as soon as March to buy and sell CBD oil containing low levels of THC.
Industrial hemp might be the crop of Indiana’s future
Feb 16, 2018
House Bill 1137 clearly defines that hemp and its related products, like CBD oil or cannabidiol, are not marijuana and therefore are not regulated by the state’s drug laws. The Senate Commerce and Technology Committee approved it by an 8-3 vote Wednesday.
Doctors, Storeowners Approve Of Indiana Cannabis Oil Law
March 27, 2018
"The fact of the matter is, (CBD) is working, and nothing good ever came without a fight," said Gettelfinger, who practices out of the IU Health Pain Center in Bloomington.
Indiana House votes to allow Hoosier farmers to grow cannabis plants with low THC
Jan. 31, 2018
The Indiana House voted unanimously Wednesday for a bill that would allow Hoosier farmers to grow industrial hemp — marijuana's low-THC cousin. “Industrial hemp has been misaligned with marijuana for the past 70 years or so," said Justin Swanson, representing Indiana Hemp Industries Association. "It’s time for Indiana’s actions and policies to reflect the fact that industrial hemp is not marijuana and allow the reemerging market to thrive in Indiana once again.”
Industrial hemp would be legitimate under legislation
Jan 19, 2018
CNHI Statehouse ReporterDiners at an Indiana-grown dinner in Monrovia were served chicken, beef brisket and corn after eating hemp-infused salads. The meal, held last June, was sponsored by the Indiana Hemp Industries Association and Indiana Farmers Union.